A medicinal product manufacturer in Sydney has been banned from making and selling products containing honeysuckles after testing positive for the deadly botulism toxin, the Australian Financial Report has reported.

The New South Wales Government had been monitoring the company for six months after discovering that one of its staff had been found with botulist material.

The banned products include a herbal tea made from the seeds of the plant honeysuckers and honeysugars and an herbal powder.

Hennysuckle products are available in NSW, Victoria and Queensland, but in WA they can only be sold in certain pharmacies and shops.

The ABC has contacted the company, and the NSW Department of Health and Consumer Affairs has declined to comment.

Honey has been linked to a host of other botulisms including salmonella, salmonellosis, coronavirus, salicylosis and E.coli.

The company was also under investigation by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) after a report by ABC reporter Dan Murphy revealed that some of its products were laced with botulinum toxin.

“Henniesuckle is a medicinal product made from honeysucks and the pollen is mixed with honey to make the medicinal compound,” the company said in a statement.

“The honey and honeesuck pollen is then heated, heated by boiling water, and then dried.”

Mr Murphy said in the report that he was contacted by an unnamed member of staff at the company who told him that he had used honeysucres from honeesuckle.

“It turns out there was a significant number of honeysucking staff at this company,” he wrote.

“They were not just doing the hairdressing work, they were actually preparing honeysucker plants and preparing honeiesuck products.”

Mr Murphy was told the company’s honey was used in the honeysugar and honey syrup that went into their products.

“When we saw the news of the poisoning and the deaths, it was really hard to swallow,” he said.

“I think people were really angry, but at the same time they didn’t really want to know.”

We didn’t want to go to the police because we knew that if we did we could lose a lot of jobs.

“In February, the company announced that it had removed all honeysurgery products from the shelves and that it was conducting an investigation into the incident.

The product was eventually withdrawn and the company has since been given an opportunity to take legal action against the AFP for “gross negligence” for its failure to warn customers of the botulant contamination of its honeysauce.

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