How to be a postgraduate in herbal medicine

I have never been a doctor, but I know some of the people who are.

It’s not about being a doctor; it’s about getting in the door, getting your foot in the doors.

As a post-graduate in medicine, I had no idea I was interested in this field until I started looking at it.

I was looking for a way to start my own practice.

I got an offer from the University of New South Wales, and I went.

I’ve been going ever since.

I’d always had a love for this field, so I didn’t think it was a bad fit.

I’m lucky I went on to do a residency, and the fact I got to stay at the university was very, very lucky.

I have no idea why people don’t go for that.

The best thing about the medical profession is that the only thing that you have to pay for is your time.

I think it’s really important to look at what your time is worth, because the more you spend your time on your work, the less valuable it is.

You’re never going to get a job that you love, but you can still be happy.

I also think it makes it easier to move on to something else.

The most important thing is you’re working, you’re doing the best that you can do, and you don’t have to feel like you have a responsibility.

There are a lot of things that can happen at the end of a residency: you might get offered a new job, or you might just be offered something else that you like.

That’s a very good thing.

I went into it with a sense of entitlement, but it’s also helped me find a niche, and now I’m working for a lot more people.

I can’t wait to go into something new, but at the same time I feel like I’m part of a family now.

How much time do you spend in your practice?

There’s no way I can answer that, but a lot.

I do the majority of my practice time while I’m doing a fellowship.

I go back to my family home in Sydney, but then I travel out to do my fellowship work in the city.

I travel around the country and the world, but mostly in Sydney.

I really love my city, so it’s a great place to live.

What’s your most challenging area of work?

What I find most challenging is the whole practice of medicine.

I would say I spend about a quarter of my time working in my practice, and that’s a lot!

My most difficult areas are actually my home, and my community.

I work with a lot people that have been through the trauma of what’s happened to them, or who have had to deal with a child in the past, and they all have similar stories to tell.

So I have to work on all these areas to make sure they’re doing well.

What are some of your best mentors?

My mentors have been so supportive, and so supportive of me in doing what I’m trying to do.

They’ve shown me a lot about what it takes to do this.

They have been great about taking me on in my new position and helping me through the transition.

I am grateful for all of them.

What have you learned about the practice of herbal medicine over the past few years?

I think that people are more comfortable with it now than I was, because we’ve got better training, better support.

We have access to so much more information about what herbs are good for, and what they can do.

And of course there’s so much research that has been done over the years that shows that the more we know about it, the better.

How does herbal medicine compare to traditional medicine?

Traditional medicine, it’s probably not as good, but herbal medicine is more accessible, and it’s more accessible to people who don’t normally go to the doctor.

And it’s certainly cheaper than traditional medicine.

How have you adapted to working in this new environment?

I’m still working in a hospital setting.

I still feel that my home and community are important to me, and this is where I spend most of my work time.

It has helped me feel a sense in my own body and my body in general.

I don’t feel like it’s any different from my normal life.

What do you hope to gain from your career in this industry?

I would love to go back and be a GP, but with the challenges I’ve had, I’m not sure if I can make it to a normal life in the next few years.

I wouldn’t want to give up on this, but if I had to give one advice to anybody who’s looking to make it in medicine it would be this: if you’re going to have an open mind and a dream, you need to be prepared to have a lot less time in the practice.

If you can just make sure you’re not working all the time, you’ll be fine.

I know what it feels

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