How to get the most out of your herbal medicine and herbal nutrition books

As we all know, herbal medicine is a hot topic these days, with some herbalists even going as far as to suggest that the health of our children and grandchildren will be affected by what we eat.

While some herbal medicines are safe, they are also full of toxins, and some herbalist books are packed with questionable advice and pseudoscience.

Here are some of the best herbal medicine books to get you started.1.

The Herbivore’s Guide to Nutrition and Health by Dr. Richard E. BerkhanThe herbivore in me loves this book.

I like it so much because it has all the info you need to understand the science of nutrition and the herbivores diet.

Dr. Berkathan is a very well-known herbalist and nutritionist.

He has done hundreds of clinical trials, and he has been doing it for over thirty years.

Dr Berkhan has published numerous scientific papers that address topics like nutrition and health.2.

A Complete Herbivorous Diet by Michael Pollan3.

The Complete Herbal Nutrient Guide by Barbara Hutton4.

The Herbal Nutrition Book by David Gorski5.

The Vegetarian’s Guide To Healthy Eating by Lisa Deaton6.

The Essential Guide to Natural Health by Jean-François Ingredientes7.

The Art of Wellness: The Art and Science of Health by Andrew Weil8.

The Joy of Life by Mary Alice Miller9.

The Encyclopedia of Health and Healing by Dr Elizabeth Gilbert10.

The Book of Foods by Dr Peter H. Barrett11.

The Natural Medicinal Herb Book by Paul J. Cawthon12.

The Guide to Herbivores’ Health by Jillianne M. Anderson13.

The Nutritional Guide to the Human Body by Dr Robert Lustig14.

The Health Diet Book by Elizabeth C. Smith15.

The Whole Food Guide to Nutritional Health by the USDA16.

The Omnivore: The Ultimate Guide to Living a Life of Health, Wellness, and Wellness for All by David Keith and James Allen17.

The Ultimate Herbivory Book by Dr Paul Klee18.

The Organic Health Diet by The Center for Plant-Based Nutrition19.

The Best Health Foods for Everyone by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics20.

The Paleo Diet by Mark Sisson21.

The Green Diet by Eric B. Olson22.

The Vegan Diet by Gary Taubes23.

The Cookbook of Natural Health and Fitness by Eric Zuesse24.

The Power of Foods: The Science and Art of Getting Food Right by David Yarnold and Lisa A. Miller25.

The Healing Food Diet by Linda B. Hester26.

The Food Babe Diet by Jill Abramson27.

The Plant Based Health Diet: How to Eat for a Healthy Body by David Allen

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