‘Honeymoon’ singer admits to cocaine addiction

Aussie singer-songwriter and producer Honeymoon has admitted to cocaine abuse, claiming he was addicted to the drug.

The 28-year-old’s father told the ABC’s Sunrise program that he had been prescribed a series of drugs by Honeymoon after discovering the singer-turned-producer had smoked marijuana.

“I went to the GP, he said he’s got an issue with his brain, his brain is a little messed up, so I went to see a psychiatrist,” the father said.

“He said, ‘Look, he’s just using drugs and you should stop him, you need to talk to him about it’.”

I said, I’m a dad, I don’t know what’s going on.

“The father said he told Honeymoon to seek help.”

And he was, like, ‘I can’t do it, I can’t drink alcohol, I won’t take drugs’.”‘

Honeymoons’ star admits to drug abuseWhile Honeymoon’s father said his son was “trying to get his head out of his arse”, his father told Sunrise that his son’s drugs use had been “completely and utterly ridiculous”.”

He was always on his meds, always on the meds.

It was like he was a teenager, it was just his mind was off,” the dad said.

HoneyMoon has since apologised and said he has been prescribed anti-depressants to combat the addiction.”

The only reason I went there was because I had an issue that had to be resolved,” the singer told Sunrise.”

My whole life I was the most popular kid in the world, and it’s not because of the drugs, it’s because of my love for the kids, my love of the fans.

“It’s just a big mistake and I’m sorry.”

HoneyMoons’ father has not been able to work with his son since his confession, despite a string of positive drug tests.

“That was the only time he was able to do anything for me.

He could have gone back to the street and been a heroin addict, or be a cocaine addict,” the man told Sunrise’s host, Chris Bevan.”

Homer Simpson and Johnny Depp have both said they have used drugs while acting.”

But I’m the one who has lost a child to a drug addiction and it didn’t seem fair.”

Homer Simpson and Johnny Depp have both said they have used drugs while acting.

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