How to stop your hair falling out

Tatahwewa herbal medicine has been a favourite with the locals for years.

It has a high content of beta-carotene, which is beneficial for reducing hair loss and improving the appearance of hair.

The medicinal use is so popular, that it is used by the whole population.

But what is it, what does it do, and why are some people using it?

Read moreTatahwa herbal medicine is one of the oldest herbal medicines known to humankind.

It has been around for over 300 years and has been used by Native Americans and European tribes for centuries.

It contains some of the most potent medicinal compounds known to man, including beta-Carotene and Vitamin E.

The plant is grown by native tribes of North America, Europe and Africa.

Tatahswewas the first medicine known to mankind to contain beta-carbotene.

Beta-Carotaene is found in fruits such as apples, pears, oranges, cherries and berries.

It is a precursor to vitamin C.

It was originally known as the “healing tonic” and was used by early Europeans.

But its popularity grew in the 19th century as people started to see the benefits of taking vitamin C supplements.

Beta Carotene has been linked to reducing the risk of breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

There are also some people who take it to improve their health, such as the elderly, and some have claimed it is helpful in treating cancer.

It’s also used to treat certain conditions such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.

There is a range of uses for it, but the most popular use is for the treatment of scalp and hair loss.

People have been taking it for thousands of years to reduce the appearance and symptoms of scalp hair loss, according to Dr Danielle Kortemeyer from the University of California, Berkeley.

She said it was a very popular product among traditional healers and the ancient cultures of Europe, Africa and the Americas.

“In those communities it was the ‘healing’ tonic.

People were using it as a way of keeping hair away from their face and hair from falling out,” she said.

The herbal medicine can be purchased at traditional markets or herbalists in remote areas.

It can be applied to scalp and scalp hair at home, but it has also been used for traditional Chinese medicine ceremonies.

It also has some of its medicinal properties known to be effective against certain cancers.

Dr Kortemer said there were several herbal medicines that were known to have cancer protective properties.

The use of beta carotene as a cancer protective agent is thought to be a result of a combination of genetics and diet.

The researchers believe it is a result not only of the beta-tocopherol and vitamin E in the tatahswe, but also the plant’s ability to inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells, which are responsible for the spread of cancer.

They believe the beta carotaene can be used as a natural defence against cancer and also as an anti-inflammatory and anti-epidermal growth factor.

Dr Jennifer Sisk of the National Cancer Institute in the US said that there is no evidence that beta carocholes have been shown to be more effective than other types of cancer drugs in treating some types of skin cancers.

“There are a lot of different kinds of cancer, so we don’t really know what these different types of cancers are,” she told the ABC.

“Beta carotenes have been tested for efficacy against some types, so that could be the reason it is effective against a lot more types of cells.”

Dr Korschmann from the European Center for Drugs and Technology in Paris, France, said the use of tataswew a medicine could be a useful tool for cancer treatment.

“It’s a very effective medication, we don�t know what the clinical value is, but we know that it can prevent hair loss,” she explained.

“I think the idea that it could be used in cancer treatment is very exciting.”

Tatasawewa is also used as an alternative to traditional Chinese medicines, which were often associated with toxicity and poor side effects.

However, the research shows tataha is not as toxic as traditional Chinese herbal medicines.

The research team found tataws were safe for most people.

They found there were no serious side effects to the use and there was no evidence of toxicity or side effects that would interfere with the use.

Dr Sisk said it could also be used to manage some types or conditions.

“People may use tataw as a supplement to their traditional Chinese remedies, but if they need to do a skin test they might do it by eye or using a digital image to see if it is safe,” she added.

“They are also used for treating conditions like asthma or eczema, which would have more serious side-effects

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