‘Pillow Talk’ shows you how to keep your job

A ‘pillow talk’ shows how to stay calm and keep your cool while dealing with a range of problems, including the stress of being a single parent, according to the makers of the popular show.

The programme, Pillow Talk, is set to run for four days at the UK’s National Health Service’s main centre in Edinburgh.

The first day, called “Weary” is dedicated to the “worrying” and “sad” parts of a day, with guest host and author Lisa Piddon.

In “Wake Up”, a woman called Mary is diagnosed with fibromyalgia and begins to feel restless and irritable.

“I’m really worried about what’s going to happen with my daughter’s future,” she tells the presenter, Dr Lisa Paud, who has the experience of treating such patients herself.

“But you know what, I’m going to keep going on ‘Wake up’ until I’m reassured.”

Piddon says this is because her doctor, Dr Michael Green, is a “pillar of support” for patients like Mary, and believes that patients who feel uncomfortable or “worried” should be able to talk about it with a doctor.

“There’s no way to say ‘no’ to someone and it’s important to be able [to] talk to someone you trust,” she says.

The show’s second day is “Woke Up”, which will show how to talk to a doctor about the symptoms of fibromyalgia, such as feeling unwell and “swelling” in the hands, legs and back, and how to recognise and manage these symptoms.

The third day, “Wet”, will be a “Worst Case Scenario”, which includes talking to a GP about the “potential for the illness to worsen” or symptoms that may “take weeks, months or years” to resolve.

“You need to be aware that if you have fibromyopia you’re going to need to talk with a GP before you get to that point,” Piddons doctor says.

Piddons show also features a guest doctor, who is not only a “pillow” but also a “pandemic” doctor who can “help” patients get through a period of “extreme” anxiety.

Dr Paud also shares a patient’s experience of getting a GP to prescribe anti-anxiety medication, and has her own advice on what to do if a GP is “not listening”.

The final day, which is called “Rough Times”, will include “talking with a family member or friend about what has happened and what they’ve learnt from their experience”.

“You have to do everything you can to support the person who’s been through this,” she adds.

Pids are shown to be “a way to calm yourself”, and “the best way to do that is to say, ‘I know this isn’t right, but I know this is what’s really happening’.”

In a statement to the BBC, a spokesman for the NHS National Health service said the “pillows” programme would run for “four days” until April 30.

“The National Health NHS has a wide range of support services available to all patients including the PillowTalk programme, so any person who is experiencing anxiety, or has an anxiety disorder, should seek advice from a GP or social worker,” he said.

“This programme is intended to provide information and support for people experiencing these symptoms, as well as a chance to connect with other patients who are feeling the same.”

“The programme is not aimed at patients with fibromuscular disease, although we would encourage people with fibro to continue taking the Pillows.”

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