Why African Elephants Need Herbal Medicine to Treat Rheumatoceles

According to Kenya’s Ministry of Health, over 80% of African Elephas are underweight.

Many of them have high blood pressure, so they are often prescribed medication for that condition.

But when Elephas and other Elephans get a heart attack or other heart-related illness, it can be very difficult to find the right medicine to treat them.

Many doctors in Kenya don’t even prescribe medicines for their Elephas, let alone their heart disease.

This leaves them at risk of a heart-attack or stroke, which can cause their deaths.

And it’s a big problem for Elephas in Kenya, because their diet is very low in nutrients, making them vulnerable to heart disease and other health problems.

A few years ago, Kenya’s government started distributing herbal medicine to Elephas.

But now, there are reports that the government is withholding the medicine, and is instead giving it to the wild elephant population.

Elephas have a very strong diet, and it’s really difficult to keep them alive, says Dr. Ntahwele Tumaga, a Kenyan health expert and an expert in Elephas health.

“If you give it to elephants, you’ll end up with a whole group of wild elephants.

So you can’t control them, because they’ll go wild and kill everyone in their path,” she says.

This is what we have seen with the elephants in Tanzania.

In Tanzania, Elephas eat wild rhinos, but these elephants also eat other species, including elephants.

And if you don’t have enough elephants to support the health of the wild elephants, then there’s nothing to stop them from going wild and killing people, she says, adding that it’s the responsibility of the government to find a solution.

The government is giving the medicine to elephants as an effort to control the population.

But elephants don’t know how to use it, and are often too afraid of it, says Tumasa.

In order to find an alternative medicine, Tumara and her colleagues are developing a new product, called the Elephas T-Zone, that is a blend of traditional medicine and herbal medicine that they hope will be available for the Elephons.

This herbal medicine is called the Chantakolu, which means “heal the heart” in Swahili.

The product is intended to be used by Elephas to treat their heart problems.

Tumaria says they are not using the herbal medicine alone, but instead, they are using the Chanto-Kolumbu, or “heart-healing herbs.”

Elephas can be extremely sensitive to herbal medicines, which are made up of herbs that are high in vitamins, minerals, and vitamins B, D, E, and K. The Chanto Kolumbu is supposed to help with heart attacks, strokes, and other heart conditions.

And Tumanga says the herbal product is meant to be taken by the Elephant for heart attacks as well.

The first batch of Chanto Kolumbus has been distributed to Elephias in the city of Nairobi, and has already shown promising results.

The Elephas who are taking it seem to be much better at keeping their heart health.

And, of course, Elephinas don’t seem to suffer from the heart-threatening effects of the herbal medicines.

But this doesn’t mean that the Chanteksolu will cure all heart-attacks, says Ntohwele.

Some of the medicines are still being tested by Kenyan researchers, and Tumangas hope to launch the Chanta-Klokolu in the next few months.

T-Zones can also be used to treat other conditions that elephants might not have known about, like arthritis, chronic pain, and allergies.

The most important thing for Elephases is not to become a burden to the wildlife, says David Gere, a veterinarian at the Kenyan Wildlife Service, who was also the lead researcher on the Chanthakolus study.

“Elephants are amazing animals.

But they need to be kept in a healthy state,” he says.

“And there are many things that can be done to keep the elephants healthy, so we can protect the wildlife.”

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