How to fix a dead dog

The dog’s owner was in shock after discovering the dog’s body was in a landfill, a toxic waste site, near the small town of Tazreen, in northern Afghanistan.

The body of a dead female dog was found in the waste dump in a small town in northern Kabul, Afghanistan on April 5, 2018.

The dog was buried under a pile of garbage in the garbage dump, said Ghulam Shamsur Rahman, the owner of the house.

He said he was shocked and sad after seeing the body of the dog.

“The dog’s blood stains were on the wall of the garbage bin.

He was covered with a blanket, with a bag and he had been buried alive in the rubbish dump,” Rahman told Al Jazeera.

“I called the police, but they couldn’t find him.”

The body was discovered by the local residents after the owner noticed the dog was missing.

The owner took the dog to a veterinary clinic where a doctor discovered a small wound on his head.

The owner contacted the police but they were unable to locate the dog and no arrests have been made.

Police told Al-Jazeera they are investigating the case and the dog may be euthanased.

“If the dog is not found alive, we will take the decision to euthanase him, as we have not yet found him,” a police official told Al Jazeera.

Rahman said the dog had been a good dog and a good companion for him and his wife.

“But now he is not the same.

We don’t know what happened to him.”

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Shaker, reporting from Kabul, said the town of 1,000 people is home to about 300 people, but the waste disposal site is also used by residents who live in the surrounding areas.

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